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Burn Victim Receives $2.3M Million in Landmark Settlements Over Defective Propane Cylinder

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Burn Victim Receives $2.3M Million in Landmark Settlements Over Defective Propane Cylinder that Engulfed Man in Flames; Blue Rhino Remains Lone Defendant, Reneges on Settlement, Demands Silence from Plaintiff.

Blue Rhino tank
Blue Rhino tank

We are thrilled to announce the successful resolution of a significant personal injury case involving a burn victim who suffered severe injuries when he disconnected a propane cylinder from an outdoor grill. This landmark settlement serves as a crucial step toward justice for the victim and highlights the importance of holding responsible parties accountable for their actions. Our client, whose life was forever changed due to this devastating incident, experienced life-threatening burns as a result of a fire caused by a defective valve that was equipped on the malfunctioning propane cylinder. The subject “valve was manufactured and sold new through Blue Rhino in 2002,” according to its attorney, Michael C. McMullen. Not only was the valve defective, but the propane refiller also failed to catch the problem before placing the cylinder back into public circulation.

This incident not only left our client with physical and emotional scars but also shed light on the need for improved safety standards within the industry. The combined settlements from all the parties involved, the propane refill operator, and other relevant entities, exceeded $2 million. This substantial sum will go a long way in providing our client with the necessary support for their ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, and future well-being. Blue Rhino remains the only defendant that has refused to settle. Blue Rhino attorneys originally agreed to a settlement with the Plaintiffs, but then reneged after Plaintiff would not sign a broad confidentiality provision. We are hopeful that a trial against Blue Rhino will allow for additional recovery for the Plaintiff, beyond the $2.3M already collected.

This successful resolution underscores the importance of product safety, particularly in industries where a lapse in quality control can have devastating consequences. It sends a powerful message to companies like Blue Rhino and others in the propane industry that negligence will not go unchecked. The case serves as a reminder that consumer safety should always be a top priority, urging manufacturers and distributors to uphold the highest standards of quality and accountability.


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