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With the help of our experienced sports injury lawyers, you could recover substantial compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and future treatment.

How do Sports-Related Injuries Happen?

Sports-related injuries can occur in various settings, including organized competitions, recreational sports, and fitness activities. Concussions, dislocations, heat stroke, spinal cord injuries, torn ligaments, and wrongful death are examples of sports-related injuries. If you or a loved one sustained an injury playing, participating, or observing a sports activity and want to learn more about your legal options, Strongin Law’s sports injury team can help.

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What is Sports Injury Law?

Sports injury law refers to the legal principles and regulations governing cases related to injuries sustained in sports and athletic activities. These injuries can occur in various settings, including organized competitions, recreational sports, and fitness activities. Sports injury law encompasses a range of legal issues, and the application can vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. Here are some key aspects of sports injury law:

  1. Assumption of Risk: 
    One fundamental concept in sports injury law is the assumption of risk. Participants in sports and recreational activities are generally considered to have assumed a certain level of risk inherent in the activity. This assumption of risk may limit the liability of coaches, organizers, and other participants for injuries that are a foreseeable part of the sport.

  2. Negligence: 
    While participants assume some level of risk, negligence may be a factor in some situations. For example, if a coach or organizer fails to provide adequate safety measures or knowingly allows dangerous conditions, they may be liable for injuries resulting from their negligence.

  3. Product Liability: 
    In cases where sports equipment or products contribute to an injury, product liability laws may come into play. Manufacturers and sellers of sports equipment can be held responsible if their products are found to be defective or lacking proper warnings.

  4. Informed Consent: 
    Athletes are often required to sign waivers or consent forms acknowledging the risks associated with the sport. These documents may affect the legal rights of the athlete in the event of an injury. However, the enforceability of such waivers can depend on various factors, including the specific language used and the jurisdiction.

  5. Intentional Torts: 
    In some cases, intentional actions that cause harm during a sporting event may lead to legal consequences. Examples include intentional acts of violence or assault that go beyond the normal scope of the sport.

  6. Duty of Care: 
    Coaches, organizers, and facility owners may owe a duty of care to participants. If they breach this duty by failing to provide a safe environment or proper supervision, they may be held legally responsible for resulting injuries.


Contact us to discuss the specific legal principles that apply to your particular case.  We do not charge for an initial consultation and comprehensive case evaluation. For a free case evaluation, call our office at (949) 529-2250, email results@stronginlaw, or use the form below to tell us what happened. We’re ready to help.

I am very grateful to be represented by Strongin Law Firm and appreciate their professional representation. The staff with this law firm has kept in constant communication with me and provided updates every step of the process. I am extremely thankful for their dedication to my case; their hard work and I feel that they have taken a personal interest to help me. The injury I’m being represented for has caused a great deal of pain, extremely stressful and such a difficult period in my life. However, knowing I am being represented by professionals who are caring and willing to go the extra mile for me as their client has helped me to focus on healing while they work diligently to fight my case. The attorney/client professionalism provided by Strongin Law is unmatched and I am very grateful to have them representing me.

-- Wanda

OMG! I would feel panicky and scared when the opposition was on the stand. Then I would say to myself, "stop, relax, Eric's got this." And sure enough, Eric had it. Best litigation attorney ever!

-- Teri

Found Eric Strongin through Could not have been more impressed.

Seriously, this lawyer is impressive. I posted a question on Avvo and Eric Strongin wrote me back over the weekend. He included his phone number in the response with an invite to call him. We talked on a Saturday. Eric Strongin got my business insurance company to cover the claim they had denied coverage on. After that, he represented me to the successful conclusion of the case. Mr. Strongin is tenacious, intelligent, knowledgeable and extremely personable. Choosing him was one of the smarter business choices I have made. :)

-- Katherine

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