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Santa Barbara Area Painter Wins $200K Judgment Against Manufacturer of Bond’s One Time Exterior Wood

Experienced painter, Gregory Simcoe, developed symptoms, including contact dermatitis, cough, dizziness, and memory recall issues after he used Bond’s One Time Exterior Wood Treatment to refinish the wood exterior of the Grassini Winery in Santa Barbara.

After rejecting Bond Distributing’s offer to settle the case for $25,000, Eric Strongin and the team at Strongin, LLP, took the matter to a Santa Barbara jury and obtained a judgment, which after costs are added, will be in excess of $200,000. In addition to the $200,000, the Strongin law firm obtained a confidential settlement from Grassini Family Vineyards, the Vineyard that hired Mr. Simcoe to do the work and supplied him with the Bond’s One Time product.

Mr. Strongin recalls that the jury was one of the most educated juries that he has ever tried a case in front of, including a Professor at the University of California in Organic Geochemistry and Geobiology, and three jurors with PhDs, two of which graduated from the California Institute of Technology (“CalTech”) and another that worked in engineering at a top-level government research facility.

However, the Strongin law firm spared no expense in litigating the case to verdict, and they supported the case with multiple expert witnesses, including toxicologist Dr. Nachman Brautbar (who also testified as part of the Hinkley groundwater contamination case which was the basis for the movie, “Erin Brockovich.”). (Simcoe v. Bond)


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