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Partner, Eric Strongin, Obtains $11.8M Judgment for Assault Victim

Updated: May 7

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Partner Eric Strongin obtains $11.8 million dollar judgment on behalf of our client after he was brutally assaulted following an altercation in Oceanside, California. After leaving a restaurant near the Oceanside Pier, our client was beaten unconscious by someone he had never met before. Friends took our client to a nearby residence where the police and an ambulance were called. Once the police arrived at the residence, they immediately began blaming our client for his injuries. Our client was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken clavicle, fractured skull, fractured elbow and broken nose.

When our office received the police report, the name of the perpetrator had been redacted. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, we were able to obtain the identity of the perpetrator and obtain compensatory damages for our client. Our firm fought to have the perpetrator’s name revealed, and after police were forced to disclose the perpetrator’s name, SHS secured a judgment from the Superior Court for the County of San Diego in the amount of $11.8 million.


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