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Strongin obtains $750,000 for Victim of Residential Toxic Mold

Updated: May 7

Plaintiff sustained life-altering injuries after being exposed to toxic mold while living at the home she rented with her husband in San Clemente, CA. Plaintiff and her husband moved into a home that the owners knew, and failed to disclose, had a history of leaks. Although the roof was eventually repaired, the owners of th home never took the important steps of removing the wet building materials, including drywall and portions of the ceiling, that had become wet or damp when it would rain, and the roof would leak, and remediating any fungal growth. Failure to remove the wet building materials created the perfect environment for mold growth since materials such as drywall are a perfect food source for the mold. It was only after vigorous litigation by partner, Eric Strongin, and when the parties were just days away from starting, what would be a 10 to 15-day jury trial, that the defendant landlords relented, and the matter was settled in plaintiff’s favor in the amount of $750,000. As a result of these efforts, plaintiff was able to move out of the home, and able to pay for costly medical treatment that she needs to recover from the effects of exposure.

Photo of Mold Growth in Crawl Space Underneath Plaintiff’s Home

Photo of Mold Growth in Crawl Space Underneath Plaintiff’s Home


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