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Strongin Burger Clients Win Punitive Damages After Wedding Venue Shut Down Just Weeks Before Wedding

In a recent ruling, a couple represented by Strongin Burger prevailed in Orange County Superior Court after their dream wedding was canceled last minute.

The couple was set to be wed in Irvine in June of 2019 but found out just weeks before their wedding date that their venue had been shut down. After further investigation, they realized that the venue had never been permitted to host weddings, that the structures and electrical on the grounds were unpermitted and potentially dangerous, and that the venue had been cited by the city and ordered to cease all events in April, weeks before the couple was informed that the venue was shut down.

The plaintiffs filed suit on March 11, 2020, claiming that the wedding venue breached its contract and acted fraudulently and with the knowledge that it did not have the proper permits to host weddings at the site. Prior to filing suit plaintiffs asked for their deposit back from the venue and refused to return any money.

After a four-day jury trial, the jury held in favor of the plaintiffs, finding a breach of the contract and fraud by both the venue and the venue owner. Plaintiffs were granted economic damages, noneconomic damages, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees, in an amount that far exceeded their original deposit.


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